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Digestive wellness

Food allergies & intolerance

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Diet and Detoxification

Elimination diets

I was a young mother doing everything for everyone else, all with a smile on my face, running on 3 hours of sleep, Mcdonalds, and Red Bulls. All kinds of symptoms started surfacing... fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, mood swings, depression and thinning hair. I felt like a stranger in my own body.


We all know that hindsight is 20/20 right? What I didn't know then was, the food I was eating, I use the term food lightly, the lack of sleep and not being able to manage all of that stress, was taking a toll on my health and wreaking havoc on my body.

It wasn't until I learned to put my own health first that I started to see a reduction in these symptoms. Learning to eat whole foods, prioritizing my sleep, asking for help when I needed it, were big first steps for me. I see it so often with other mothers and I want so badly to let them know they are not alone and they can improve their situation. 

That epiphany, lead me on the path to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner so that I could share what I have learned with others, how the right kind of whole, natural, unrefined foods could actually heal the body and mind. 

I want to be, for you, the support that I was looking for when I felt so lost and hopeless. I look forward to getting you on your path to health, vitality and a calm, balanced life through nutrition.

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